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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.





Kunsthandlung Ambroise Vollard | Polaroid | Paris 2004École des Beaux Arts | Polaroid | Paris 2004Boulevard Montparnasse | Polaroid | Paris 2004Le Bon Marché | Polaroid | Paris 2004Colarossi | Polaroid | Paris 2004
La Morgue | Polaroid | Paris 2004La Rotonde | Polaroid | Paris 2004Louvre #1 | Polaroid | Paris 2004Louvre #2 | Polaroid | Paris 2004Louvre #3 | Polaroid | Paris 2004
Luxembourg | Polaroid | Paris 2004Passy | Polaroid | Paris 2004Pont de Lalma | Polaroid | Paris 2004Rue Casette | Polaroid | Paris 2004Rue Madame | Polaroid | Paris 2004
Seine Quai | Polaroid | Paris 2004Vaugirard | Polaroid | Paris 2004

PARIS IN MY MIND: In the year 1900, Paula Modersohn-Becker traveled to Paris for the first time. During her four visits, the “immense personality of this city“ affected the talented young woman very intensely. Here, she was able to tap the abundance of the lively cultural metropolis: Louvre, Notre Dame, and in encounters with the art of her famous contemporaries – Rodin, Cézanne, etc. – she developed her own artistic language. The artist Birgit Ramsauer followed Paula to Paris, the traces of the exciting encounter of the painter with this city: over 100 years later.

These objects have been exhibited in the galleries:
Michael Steinberg Fine Art, New York 2007 | Art Scouts, Berlin 2009
artTHIESS, München 2009 | Deutsches Haus, New York 2011
Galeriehaus Nord, Nürnberg 2011