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New York | April through November 1997

CATALOG | ART:HOME-LESS | 96 p | 23x21,6 cm
Albrecht-Duerer-Society | Nuremberg 2001 | ISBN 0-923-183-28-0

BROADWAY | click & viewWALL STREET | click & viewCHINATOWN | click & viewBROOKLYN BRIDGE | click & view
GRAND CENTRAL STATION | click & viewCENTRAL PARK | click & view110th STREET | click & view78th STREET | click & view
GREENWICH STREET | click & view32nd STREET | click & view

ART : HOME – LESS Project New York, Marseille, Moscow, Berlin | I view the act of someone dropping carelessly a piece of paper onto the street as an “unconscious” performance piece. I mark this “uneventful” event and record it as a past gesture, like an archaeologist would do.  Through my performances I want to bring awareness to certain characteristics that define the inner texture of a specific social environment. By highlighting behaviours and attitudes that people may not pay attention to and take for granted, such as standing in line, entering an elevator, or sleeping, my goal is to make people conscious of their actions, and of the consequences that these may have on other people or on the environment that surrounds them, without ever criticizing them.

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