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Atlanta | Olympic Centennial Park, Performance & Installation
Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Documentation | September 20 to November 30, 2001

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PLOT: "Drop" is an installation/performance at Olympic Centennial Park, Atlanta, Georgia, realized shortly after September 11th. The history of the Southwest, in earlier times based on the cotton farms and the relation of this modern, international oriented business center Atlanta is the most interesting contrast I wanted to work on. As I get to know, the cotton industry, which was the most important business factor in this region, and made it rich in earlier times, has nearly disappeared. I bring the factor cotton back into the metropole Atlanta and counterpart it towards today's life in this city. So I collect cotton balls on a farm, in this time still green. While I place the cotton balls, wrapped into fluorescent tape, transforming them into little sculptures, they opened up during the following weeks. The cotton sculptures looked very much as little bombs. The history of Atlanta relates since the bomb attack during the Olympic games very much to resent history. I choose Centennial Olympic Park, where the bombing took place, as the location of my installation/performance. I build the installation, developing from the memorial quilt towards the meadow in the middle of the park. Fluorescent red tape lines are narrowing towards the meadow's rim. The cotton sculptures open up towards the green. On the green I spread out in a circle fully open cotton balls. The whole installation is a "symbol of hope". The explosion of cotton sculptures develops towards the green. It unites former agrarian history and contemporary business orientation of Atlanta in one installation.

material: cotton balls, fluorescent red gafferstape
location: Olympic Centennial Park and Nexus Art Center
team: video by Cecilia Kane, photography by Anya Liftig
dimensions: 500 x 1400 foot