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Deutsche Werkstätten | Dresden/Germany | April 2008

Birgit Ramsauer: Maulwürfe, Dresden 2008

PLOT: For the German workshops I developed concepts for the purification of the Corporate Identity and future possibilities of development of the company with means of the concept art and were compiled. A part of the project were performances with different customers of the DWH.

ABOUT DEUTSCHE WERKSTÄTTEN: The German workshops Hellerau GmbH [Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau GmbH] is a traditional enterprise in Dresden (Hellerau) which acts in the high-quality, individual inside removal and belongs there to the leading suppliers worldwide. As one of the first enterprises with industrial furniture production in Germany it became known by his modern reform pieces of furniture which connected manufacturing with the machine and demanding, modern design with each other. The archive of the German workshops of Hellerau stands as a Nationwide valuable archive under cultural asset protection.